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Born in Savannah, GA and bred in Hardeeville and Orangeburg South Carolina, Sage Thomas, aka Donkmaster is the son of a School Teacher and Chef. He spent most of his days as a youth shadowing his Uncle Buggy who instilled in him a love for racing and an understanding of hard work. Building his first Donk at the age of 16 gave him a high that is repeated every single time he completes a project. He has been studying the sport of racing from a very young age. He did research, traveled, tried a few things, made mistakes, celebrated wins and nurtured his love for the sport. Through a DVD he was introduced to the Donk racing culture in Florida. Watching racers like Murff Legend make pretty Donks fast, ignited a respect and a challenge. He decided that out of South Carolina will come the fastest Donk on big wheels. Since the completion of that first project over 20 years ago, he and the Skittle Pack have been city to city, state to state. Serving Gapsauce and building a global appreciation for the sport of Donk racing.