Sage "Donkmaster" Thomas was born in Savannah, GA and raised in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Sage is the son of a schoolteacher and chef. He spent most of his days as a youth shadowing his Uncle Buggy, who instilled a love for racing in him, and an understanding of hard work.

           At just 16 years of age, Sage completed his first race project, a 1974 Chevy Nova, giving him a high that stays with him to this day, every time he completes a project, or wins a race.

          Having studied the sport of drag racing from a very young age through research, travel, testing new things, and making mistakes, he celebrated wins and nurtured his love for the sport. Through a DVD he was introduced to the Donk racing culture in Florida. Watching racers like Murff Dog, a racer known for fast dunks, ignited a respect and a challenge.

          He decided that out of South Carolina would come the fastest Donk on big wheels, and from there, he started to race at local drag strips, perfecting his vision. Since the completion of that first project over 20 years ago, he and the skittle pack have been City to City, State to State serving "Gap Sauce: and building a global appreciation for the sport of Donk Racing.

           In November 2014, Sage went from building some of the fastest cars in backyards, to opening his first shop, In and Out Customs in North Charleston. From working on his own race cars, to client cars from Karlous Miller, Tim Jennings, Za'darius Smith, and more, the shop is open to appointments only. 

          Fans can catch the first season of Donkmaster now on Motortrend TV. For more footage and behind the scenes, you can visit DonkmasterTV or GDAWG803 on YouTube. For More Information about big wheel racing, visit NDRAUSA.com