I am blessed to have 5 children. My kids are the core of my being. Nothing is right in my world if I can’t see them, talk to them, hold them.

There is no mystery that I have not been the best boyfriend, but I will fight to be present with my kids.

When I spoke about the absence of my Father, I got so many comments and direct messages of men and women and even kids telling me about how they are struggling to see their children. Even men who are having their wages garnished for child support and they are not able to have regular visitation because of the Mothers being jealous or angry. Too many of them feel like they have no options.

We went to Father to Father, Inc., a national fatherhood engagement organization, and told them that I want to help other Fathers be able to be present with their children. We had the idea of creating a scholarship, to be given out, city to city, state to state, that would be impactful to help Fathers be present with their children. It will help with things such as:

  • Pay down child support
  • Lawyer and court fees for visitation
  • Bringing a Drivers license current by paying fines so that they can get to work
  • Covering the first few months of car insurance fees until a Dad gets back on his feet

Everyone’s situation is different, and the funds don’t necessarily go straight to the Dad. Your donations go straight to Father to Father, are tax deductible, and we will continue to highlight and talk about their stories as time goes on.

1st – If it’s you or someone you know, think of a deserving Dad that needs support and information. Submit their story below. Father to Father and someone from In & Out Customs will contact that Dad to find out if their situation would fit the guidelines for assistance.


3rd – Share this link. Be a member of the team. If you have an audience , Want to be of influence and/or understand this cause, please share this link.

We want this campaign to be successful. And to go beyond the initial goal. At the end of the day, children want to know that they are important to you. That they matter to somebody, and the impact is powerful when one of those people, is their Daddy.